2023 EIASM Academic Council meeting

The 2023 EIASM Academic Council meeting has been hosted by

 ESCP Business School,

on Wednesday 12th April 2023 and Thursday 13th April 2023, in Paris.


AC 2023 intro


The annual meeting of the EIASM Academic Council provides an important opportunity to bring together representatives of EIASM Academic Council member Schools and Universities to develop a shared approach towards advanced studies in management. Doctoral Education has always been central to the mission of the EIASM and is, more than ever, critical to the development of knowledge in Europe. Together our programme of EDEN seminars, EIASM workshops and conferences have pushed the boundaries of management research for doctoral students and faculty. The format and program of doctoral events continues to evolve in response to the interdisciplinary nature of today’s ‘Grand Challenges’ and the need for rigorous evidence-based research and outcomes.

More recently, responsibility and ESG concerns have become central to management education as stakeholders rise to the challenge of satisfying both their corporate goals and societal responsibilities. So what next? What can we do better together and what can EIASM do differently?

This year, we have been wanting to address how Artificial Intelligence may impact these strategic questions in our Academic Council meeting agenda through panel discussions to share the best practices of all our Academic Council members.


2023 PD1


2023 PD2


The 2023 EIASM Academic Council meeting has been starting with the presentation of the 5th EIASM Interdisciplinary Leader Award, to Professor Paolo Quattrone, from the Alliance Manchester Business School. Professor Paolo Quattrone has given a speech, as the special guest of the EIASM Academic Council meeting, on Is the university now outside the university? Interdisciplinarity in liminal and marginal spaces”.


2023 Bourdelle


We have taken the opportunity of the 2023 EIASM Academic Council to celebrate the

EIASM’s 50th anniversary

in the Bourdelle Museum

and will be reaffirming during those two days our mission

foster and support innovative, rigorous, responsible and impactful research

in management and related disciplines.